Cube Sports auf der FIBO 2014

Cube Sports : Sport Concepts to Excite

Each person has his or her very own basic “store of movement”. We have set ourselves the goal to promote this store in its most optimal and individual way. Our training spaces activate the natural desire for exercise of people at all ages. Whether kids, teens or adults – our equipment encourages everybody to move. Get excited by our sport concepts!

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News: Artikel über Cube Sports in Finnland

Bericht über Cube Sports in Finnland (Turnmagazin) 09/2014» more

Kids & Play

Specially designed for children of kindergarten age. The different movements, basic skills and exercises are taught in a playful and natural way.» more

School & Team

Tailored to schools and clubs. The gym becomes a modular experience when using the Cube Sports motion landscapes.» more

Fitness & Sport

Specifically tailored for gyms. The innovative EVOLUTION 4D programme combines fun and maximum training results. » more